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Madagascar is unique. When the island splintered off from Africa (and later India) some 165 million years ago, it took with it the ancestral stock of what would gently evolve into one the most remarkable assemblages of animals and plants in existence. Many comment that visiting Madagascar is like passing through a 'lost world', or a 'world out of time' - a surreal place which although fast-changing, somehow embraces several centuries. Unlike the 3 islands which exceed Madagascar in size (Greenland, New Guinea, and Borneo), Madagascar's climate is incredibly diverse. As a result, it is as if a few very different, strongly contrasting countries have been crammed into one giant island crudely shaped like a left foot. Lush rain forests grace the permanently humid eastern region; fragile tropical deciduous woods cling to existence on the hot western plains, and in the semi-arid south is found the bizarre 'spiny desert', perhaps the island's most extraordinary floristic domain. The rate of endemicity among Madagascar's plants and animals is staggering: just about everything you will see and touch while exploring the stunning national parks and nature reserves, is found nowhere else on Earth. While a great many of our island's fascinating creatures are in danger of extinction, much is being done to conserve what remains of our natural heritage and any visiting wildlife enthusiast is in for a treat. The 15 million Malagasy - a people internationally praised for their gentleness and charm - are divided into 18 tribes, many sub-tribes and numerous clans. United by language and by a rich, fascinating culture, the Malagasy constitute the world's only Afro-Asian nation. Madagascar offers unlimited opportunities for travellers today. With our assistance, you can explore a range of protected areas in comfort, or if light adventure is more your style, we can help you venture into spectacular wilderness areas well off the beaten track. Madagascar is also a superb destination for honeymooners. Idyllic beach and scuba diving venues abound. It will be our pleasure to ensure that you take in the most possible in terms of variety during the time you spend in Madagascar.

Tour Inclusions


  • Accomodation
    Princess Bora Lodge – Sainte Marie

    Sainte-Marie is a tropical island on the east coast of Madagascar. Once known for being a haven for pirates and vagabonds, this island is famous for its white sandy beaches, its turquoise lagoon and easy paced lifestyle that abound. In this unique environment and still preserved from mass tourism is PRINCESS BORA LODGE. The room’s standards range from Executive suite to Villa deluxe and Villa comfort. All the villas are designed with stunning décor.


  • Best Food

    Currently the best address in the city for real gourmet cuisine, La Varangue has achieved a fantastic reputation thanks to kitchen maestro (and chocolate specialist) RAKOTONDRAVELO Hary Liva, who was recently voted among the world's top five chefs. The menu is concise but painstakingly constructed, and features a great-value three-course set meal, not to mention a gastronomic taster menu that we're reliably informed would cost you five times as much anywhere in Europe. Light music is played in the elegant dining room, or you can venture out onto the terrace, which overlooks the hotel's charming garden. La Varangue is a near-mandatory Tana dining experience.


  • Tour Guide
    Tour Guide: Field Guides - One of them is LALAINA Ramaroson

    He works with Zà Tours since its inception. He has an in-depth knowledge of Madagascar's wildlife and the culture of its fascinating people. He has been guiding for many years during which he has the opportunity to work with such famous tour-leaders as Hilary Bradt, Nick Garbutt and Ian Sinclair and run various private tours, honeymoons, families and groups. He is part of the field's leading guides team for Zà Tours


  • Grand Experience
    All the adventure you want, with 5-star services

    Accommodations are chosen to be top-end wherever it is possible. In some places, it might happen to have only midrange standard available. The vehicles are also the most comfortable possible. To save time, private flights are available to reach sites in remote areas or to reach exclusive resorts. 5-stars services are provided for this type of tour. You are welcome to discuss openly about your budget and tours with our experts.

Some Important Tips

Health Requirements

Vaccinations: No vaccination is required by the health authorities unless you have been transiting in infected countries. Malaria prevention Most travelers takes Lariam, Malarone, Doxypalu, Savarine or Paludrine, before, during and after their trip to Madagascar. Please consult your travel clinic for appropriate health requirements. Sanitary evacuation Several local air companies based in Antananarivo offer sanitary evacuation services by airplanes or helicopters. Food and water You will be provided healthy and quality meals during your trip with Zà-Tours. Our staff will take care of your well being during camping, excursions and expeditions. Nevertheless, you are not advised to eat raw food or to drink unsafe water. Special cares In case of a very needed special health care such as breathing equipment, wheel chairs, etc. please inform us in advise to help you preparing the necessary accessories.


For numerous reasons, Madagascar has unlimited travel opportunities at any period of the year for all ages, for all budgets and for all tastes under the sun and the rain:

Wildlife & Nature Tours:

Welcome to the sanctuary of nature. Enjoy discovering the unique biodiversity at the best hot spots – at your own pace.

Tropical Beach Holidays:

There are several exquisite beaches and resorts in Madagascar. Sainte Marie, Nosy Be and its satellite islets, Ifaty, Anakao, the 3 bays in Diego, Anjanjavy and Nosy Iranja are amongst the top beach destinations.

Photography tours:

Gorgeous and kaleidoscopic landscapes, unique wildlife and plants, beautiful indigenous faces are the samples of subjects of your photography trip.

Senior tours :

Tourists of all ages can enjoy their trip throughout the Red Island. We provide tailored tours and only the best accommodations. Daily personal assistant is provided if needed.

Humpback Whales safari:

The whales first arrives from the Antarctic around June each year. These huge mammals offer spectacular breaching shows in Sainte Marie, Antongil Bay, until late October. There is also a chance to observe them in Tuléar, Anakao, Lavanono, Nosy Be and Morondava.

Educational tours :

Classified amongst the World’s top biodiversity hotspots, Madagascar is an extraordinary living school to learn about the Earth’s natural history. Besides this, this is also an opportunity to meet the rich Malagasy culture and the hospitable people. With our Malagasy specialists, experts and teachers, we provide a high level of service by offering a quality educational experience.

Cultural tours :

Funeral arts and ceremonies, musical festivals, and traditional rituals and sports are specific for each of the 18 tribes of Madagascar. Rich cultural experience tours are scheduled each year. Our tours are accompanied by our historian ethnologist guides, as well as by our field specialists from local tribes.


The cliffs of Tsaranoro in the massif of Andringitra and the Montagnes des Français in Diego are two of the most appreciated sites because of the beauty of their environment.


Several grottos are worth your exploration: Ibity, Ambatofinandrahana, Anjohibe and Ankarana amongst others.

Sustainable Tourism:

Give more sens to your vacations by becoming amongst the stakeholders of the local development. When using our services, you start contributing to the local development as Zà-Tours works with other local suppliers from porters in villages to the big 5-star hotels. Zà-Tours revenues are spent and distributed 100 percent locally. You can also contribute during your trip in buying products from associations and NGO’s caring children, women, etc. and from conservation organization that you will be visiting.

Romantic voyage & honeymoon:

You and your beloved will spend an unforgettable time in idyllic and special places – prepared and catered only for you.

Botanical Tours :

More than 10 000 species of plants including 1000 species of orchids, Madagascar is the paradise for botanists. Ranging from the semi-desert, savannah, aquatic and rainforest, the terrains are so different and favourable for the well-being of these plants.

Business side trip :

On business trip or having only a very short time in Madagascar, you will still be able to take advantage of your stay through our 2 to 5-day ELITE programs.

Overflying sites of interests:

You will be able to fly over unique sites like the Tsingy and the Manambolo river, the Baobab areas, the canyons of the Makay on board a private airplane, with experienced navigators.

Family vacations:

We have developped child-friendly tours. Comfortable family rooms are available, as well as well-trained and experienced child-care staff. Children under 12 will receive a 30% discount on the rates. Make everyone happy with an unforgettable trip to the perfect destination, which is Madagascar.


285 bird species have been recorded on the island. Amongst them, 120 resident species are unique to the Island. Birders will appreciate the vivid and remarkable coloration of the Malagasy avifauna.

Diving & snorkeling:

Immerse yourself in the living aquarium which is classified amongst the best in the world. The seascapes are fascinating both in the Western and the Eastern areas with so diverse types of corals sheltering colorful fishes, among them, the marine reserves of Nosy Tanikely and Masoala. PADI instructors are available to provide assistance.

River trip:

A river trip downstream the Tsiribihina River. We operate tours in dugout wooden pirogue and motorboat with safety equipment. Madagascar rivers are simply an opened nature reserves.


Off-the-beaten track is one of the best and ecological way to discover Madagascar. We provide quality logistics to make your outdoor life comfortable and enjoyable.

Orchids spotting:

More than 1000 species of orchids have been recorded. The blooming period starts from January to April – during the rainy season.


Not too much developed yet, this sport is getting more famous in Madagascar. Four sites are famous: Mahambo, Vinanibe, Lavanono and Nosy Ve.


Madagascar has got paradisiac hot spots for kite surfers like the Sakalava Bay and the Emerauld Bay with great winds from May to November.

Amenities & Services

    ATV (All terrain Vehicles) – Minibuses – Buses – Boats The state of the roads of Madagascar requires good vehicles. For remote areas, helicopters and planes are necessary for the comfort of the travelers and to save time. The 5000km of coastline as well as the rivers of Madagascar also offer enormous navigation possibilities. Whatever your travel style is, we have the service level to match your expectations.


    Excellent value, rich of experience One of the best ways to visit Madagascar is also to use the transportation the locals use and stay in basic hotels and guesthouses. When choosing this tour, you will be provided basic accommodations: rooms are clean and cosy but they do not have A/C or fan. Facilities could be private or common. In camping, our equipments are of good quality. Private transportation is provided. You will have normal vehicles. So it might take longer to reach a destination due to the road conditions (than a 4×4). Where a four will drive is necessary, they will not have air conditioning but good and strong to reach the destination. When using the normal vehicle, you will be a little bit limited for the excursions are the vehicle cannot go off-road. You will have more cultural interaction with locals. In any case, safety remains our main priority and cannot be compromised or neglected.


    Great value, reasonable prices, quality experiences. Midrange accommodations will be provided wherever it is possible. You will have your private en-suite facilities. Rooms are of good standard and most of the time with restaurants. Deluxe accommodations can be booked upon request. Most of hotels/lodges have A/C or fans at least as well as swimming pools and internet connection. In remote areas where there is no internet, we can provide USB modem to connect if necessary. The vehicles we use here are most of the time 4WD with A/C and comfortable enough. Just ready for any kinds of roads. In case we use minibuses or buses, we sometimes have to switch into 4WD in some places for your comfort. Picnic lunches with the necessary equipments are provided wherever it is needed. In some adventure tours, you will be provided comfortable camping equipments during the expeditions. In the case of bicycle adventures, back up cars will ensure the transportation of the equipments along with the vehicle for passengers.


    All the adventure you want, with 5-star services. Accommodations are chosen to be top-end wherever it is possible. In some places, it might happen to have only midrange standard available. The vehicles are also the most comfortable possible. To save time, private flights are available to reach sites in remote areas or to reach exclusive resorts. 5-stars services are provided for this type of tour. You are welcome to discuss openly about your budget and tours with our experts.

    How to book a tour


    You will book your trip in 4 steps:


    Our team will reply to you within maximum 24 hours.


    You will receive your customized tour program matching your requirements.


    Once your tour program confirmed, you will receive your booking documents.


    You would pay the deposit by credit card or by wire transfer to secure your reservation.

    The balance can be settled before or upon arrival.

    Terms and conditions

    By booking a trip, you agree to be bound by these Terms & Conditions which outline, among other things, our cancellation policy and certain limitation of liability. These Terms & Conditions affect your rights and designate the governing law and forum for the resolution of any and all disputes.


    Tours are quoted in Euro or in USD. They are net of commission. We reserve the rights to add surcharges up to 45 days before arrival due to unfavorable changes in exchange rate, increase in domestic air fares, taxes or if the Government action should require us to do so. If any surcharge results in an increase of more than 10% of the tour cost, the client may cancel the booking within 10 days of notification of the surcharge and obtain full refund.


    We are committed to answer your inquiries within 24hours of the reception of your messages or calls. To be able to answer to your request properly, we recommend that you to supply all the information you might think useful for your trip. For quality reasons, it would be appropriate to book directly all the services you might require during your stays with Zà-Tours.


    Although security is one of our top priorities, it is mandatory that all Clients obtain travel insurance that covers personal injury, medical expenses, repatriation and evacuation expenses

    Booking and payment

    30 % of the price should be paid upon confirmation of the reservation. Final payment should be processed upon reception of the invoice or 30 days at least before arrival in Madagascar . Kindly Plan Your Trip for the banking details. Exceptions are given to On-the-road travelers. In this case, deposit is not necesimages. Short booking and local payment are accepted upon arrival in Madagascar. With Zà-Tours, you can also pay by Visa or Mastercard. This will give you full fund security. Your bank might also provide free travel insurance when you pay by credit card

    Cancellation by the client

    – If cancellation 40 days before arrival : total refund. Only documents free is charged.

    – If cancellation between 40 and 30 days before arrival: 30 % of the tour price.

    – If cancellation between 30 and 15 days before arrival: 70 % of the tour price.

    – If cancellation less than 15 days before arrival, 100 % of the tour price.

    Cancellation of the tour by the Company

    The Company reserves the right to cancel any trip before it is guaranteed to run but will not cancel a tour less than 50 days before arrival. A trip is guaranteed to run once fully-paid by the Client.

    Unused Services

    There will be no discounts or monies refunded for missed or unused services, this includes voluntary or involuntary termination, ie. sickness, death of a family member, etc.

    Responsibility of your tour

    Clients booking are accepted on the understanding that they acknowledge that the nature of some tours is adventurous and may involve an amount of personal risks. The Company’s obligations, and those of any suppliers providing any service or facility involved in any travel arrangements the clients books with us, are to provide services and facilities with reasonable care. The Company is not responsible for any accidental expenses that you may have incurred as a result of your booking such as visas, vaccinations, non-refundable flights or loss of enjoyments.


    We reserve the right to change itinerary in case of some reasons beyond our control. Travelers and partners will be regularly kept informed. Clients appreciates and acknowledges that traveling in Madagascar requires flexibility and should allow alternatives. It is understood that the route, schedules, itineraries, amenities and mode of transport may be subject to alteration without prior notice due to local circumstances or events, which include sickness or mechanical breakdown, flights cancellations, strikes, events emanating from political disputes, climate and other unpredictable or unforeseeable circumstances. The company is not under contractual obligation in these stated cases

    Optional extras

    They do not form part of the tour or contract. It is understood and accepted by the Client that any assistance given by the tour guide or tour leader in arranging optional extra does not render the Company liable for optional extra.

    Factors Outside the Company’s control (cas de Force Majeure)

    Company shall not be liable in an way to the Client for death, bodily injury, illness, damage, delay or other loss or detriment to person or property or for the Company failure to commence, perform and/or complete any duty owned to the Client if such death, delay, bodily injury (including emotional distress or injury), illness, damage or other loss or detriment to person or property caused by Act of God, war or war like operations, terrorists activities, civil commotions, labor difficulties, whether or not Company is party thereto, interference by the Malagasy authority, political disturbance, howsoever and where so ever any of the same may arise or be cause, not, insurrection and government restraint, fire or any other cause whatsoever beyond the reasonable control of Company.

    Applicable law and choice of forum

    The contract including all matters arising from it is subject to the Malagasy law and the exclusive jurisdiction of the Malagasy Courts.

    Payment Options
    • Visa

Words From Our Customers

Mr. Jonathan Doe"My wife and I recently took a Za Tour to Antananarivo, Andasibe and Palmarium with our guide Njiva and our driver Barry. We wanted to send a quick note thanking both you and them for a fantastic vacation. Both Njiva and Barry went above and beyond to make sure that our honeymoon vacation to Madagascar exceeded our wildest dreams. My wife and I try to travel as often as we can and we have journeyed with some fantastic guides in different regions of the world, but we can emphatically say that Njiva and Barry were our favourites. Not only was Njiva extremely knowledgeable about the areas that we visited and the history of Madagascar as whole, he went out of his way to learn about us as people- what our interests are, what we enjoy and equally as important, what we don’t. He then used that knowledge to amend our itinerary to make sure that we got the most out of our vacation. Small things like adding a tour of a local village in Palmarium and buying coconuts for us as we hung out on the beach with local children, coordinating an incremental tree climbing and zip lining adventure in Andasibe, ensuring our guide at Leemur Island gave us extra time hanging out with the Sifacas and Ring Tailed Leemurs all made this trip to Madagascar even more memorable. Both Barry and Njiva are fantastic people, great guides and fun to spend time with. We would highly recommend them and Za Tours to any of our friends and family who visit Madagascar in the future. Thank you again for an amazing vacation"

Sean and Nicole

Ms. Jenny DoeDear Sir or Madam, We thought that we should write to you to thank you for providing us with Randrianavomanana Njiva as a guide during our recent visit to the Tulear area. His sense of fun and good humour together with his p***on for nature, his Country and its people were an inspiration. He is a great credit to your company and you should be very proud of him. It is such a shame that he couldn’t accompany us all of our stay in your fabulous Country. We would be truly honoured if we could be regarded as his friend. Please pass on to him our kindest thoughts and thank him for everything. Finally may we thank all of your staff for making our stay so comfortable and memorable. This trip will never be forgotten. Wishing you all the very best. Kindest regards,

Glyn & Alan

Ms. Jen DoeHello I would like to thank you very much for the arrangements and planning for my recent holiday (1-12 July) in your lovely country. I had a wonderful and exciting time and would particularly like to mention my driver and guide, Njiva, who was so kind and helpful as well as being a brilliant driver. I hope to visit Madagascar again, particularly if Njiva could be my driver again. Many thanks.

Margaret Smith

Mr. Jonathan Doe“We'd like to thank you again for the arrangement of the wonderful travel in Madagascar. It was a great holiday because it gave us the opportunity of observing the rich wildlife, the wondeful landscapes, but also to get in touch with the real life of people in the villages and towns. These are our thoughts about the different places and accomodations: Lapasoa: we arrived in the hotel at 2.30 am and we went out at 5 am, but we remember the bed was comfortable! Princess Bora: it was a beautifful lodge, the owners and the staff were very kind. Also the restaurant was very good. The island was a wonderful place. We were also very lucky with the whale watching, in fact we saw about 4 males jumping out of the water (according to the guide the were courting a female). We also visited the island by quad: there a lot of mud along the road, but it gives the opportunity to reach remote places and beaches without any tourists. Palmarium Lodge: the lodge was good and reserve is very nice because there is the possibility to meet a lot of lemurs (in particular aye-aye). The boat trip to reach the lodge from Tamatave is very nice because it gives the opportunity to observe the real life along the canals. Vakona Lodge: the lodge and the restaurant are good. The visits in the parks of Mantadia and Perinet were very beautiful, mainly because the 4 hour walks gave us the possibility of watching a lot of lemurs without to many tourists around. Karibotel: it is very basic, the restaurant is not well organized (they have a menu, but they don't have the food). We think it could be better for your clients in the future to choose another accomodation. The place anyway is wonderful. Isalo Rock: the lodge is beautiful and the restaurant is very good. There are too many Italians in fact the owner and the manager are Italians. The places were wonderful. Za Tours: the people (Stephane and Parani) from Za Tours were very nice. They were always very friendly and gave us the opportunity to learn a lot about their country. The vehicle was ok we had no problems.” Thanks

Shaun Stanley

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