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Under the Deep South sky (Southern circuit)

Overview and price

Routes: Antananarivo - Antsirabe - Ranomafana - Isalo - Tuléar - Ifaty - Antananarivo

This tour leads you toward the southern beautiful landscapes, unforgettable parks ranking amongst the most visited ones including Ranomafana rainforest set to search for the elusive golden bamboo lemur, the greater bamboo, Milne Edward’s sifaka and a great deal of bird species including the Velvet Asity, ground rollers, a delusive but real satanical leaf tailed gecko, and possibly the skittish dog cat like predator called ‘fosa’. You will be marveled seeing the barren landscapes with eerie rock formations in Isalo National Park likely emulating the Colorado Grand Canyon owing to its exceptional look of massive ruiniforme of continental sandstone habitat of the ring tails, the dancing sifaka and its endemic bird called the Benson’s Rock Thrush. Then, Ifaty beautiful beach bestows a wonderful time and fun when snorkeling, diving at its ocean with pristine coral reefs. The spiny forest at ‘Reniala’ adds extra value to this tour sheltering the local endemic bird called the long tailed ground roller, sub desert mesite and the bottle shape Baobab tree.


On request


A car with a driver, fuel, entrance fees to the parks, internal flight booking only, driver’s meal and his accommodation, tour guide or driver who speaks english, tax, car insurance only, transfers, hotel and breakfast.


Visa, Insurance, drinks, personal expenses, local guide, lunch, dinner, others not mentioned in details, tips are welcome!


City tour in Antananarivo. Stay overnight at the Hotel


Drive to the former spa-town of Antsirabe as well as the capital of the rickshaws in Madagascar. Overnight at Antsirabe


Transfert by road to Ranomafana rainforest. Typical highland landscape with rice fields and redbrick houses.Stay 3 nigts at Ranomafana


Spend these days exploring the lushgreen rainforest of Ranomafana


Drive south to join the dramatics sandstone formation of Isalo. Pass through the Betsileo region with its terraced paddy field and then to the granite mountain and the savanna plateau of the south.Stay 2 nights at Isalo


Full day excursion at Isalo National Park


Continue down to the south west of the Island and join Tuléar, then transfert north of Tuléar on a bumpy road about 90 mn to join Ifaty


Explore the spiny forest of Mangily with its baobabs and rare birds living in the sub desert and spiny forest habitat.


Transfert back to Tuléar airport and fly to Antananarivo


Transfer to the airport for your flight abroad

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